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            Prof. Junping Qiu’s new book: Evaluation Science – Theory,Method,Practice
            Author:zhouwei Source:評價網 Pubtime:2010-08-04 19:08 Click:


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                   May 2010, Science Publishing has published “Evaluation Science – Theory Method Practice” which written by Prof. Junping Qiu, the Chief Professional of Network of Science and Education Evaluation, Director of Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation (RCCSE), Professor of Information Management Department, Wuhan University.  This is currently the first monograph of “Evaluation” based on the study of scientific theory and discipline construction.

                   Prof. Junping Qiu is a famous experts in information and evaluation management, Chief Editor of "Evaluation and Management" magazine. Prof. Qiu and his team has devoted in evaluation field for many years, which brought them proficient researches in scientific evaluation and universities evaluation. This book concentrated their nearly 10 year’s studies, through the abundance practices and theories, presenting us a comprehensive, integrated evaluation system which includes theory, method and practice to meet the demands of difference types, levels’evaluations. 

                   “Without scientific evaluaton,there is no scientific management; without scientific management, there is no scientific development”. This conclusion made by Prof. Qiu has largely become a social consensus.  How to properly treat evaluation, carry out scientific assessment and rational use of evaluation has become an important concern to the community.

                   This book is suitable for management fields, such as information management, information science, technology management, technology assessment, public administration, management science and engineering, education evaluation and management. 


            【Network of Science & Education Evaluation in China www.qn939.com
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