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            Evaluation of Graduates Education in China
            Author:pjw Source:nseac.com Pubtime:2010-12-01 00:28 Click:

            Purpose of Evaluation
            The Purposes of evaluating Chinese graduate education are strengthening the social assessment, improving the quality of education, promoting the development of competition and servicing for the harmonious society.
            Object of Evaluation
            In order to ensure the continuity and comparability of the evaluation works, we defined the objects as Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Science Graduate School, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and other regular institutes that are qualified with postgraduate enrollment.
            Data Source
            The original data of evaluation are mainly from the government statistical data, the related databases at home and abroad, the Web sites of government and universities, and the national publications, books, newspapers, internal information, etc.
            We have conducted a comprehensive verification of raw data and have dealt with the abnormal data, and then to carry out numerical calculation by use of the Evaluation Information System of Chinese Graduate Education.
            Index System
            The Evaluation Index System is of continuity, which is composed of 3 one-level indicators, 11 two-level indicators and 22 three-level indicators.
            【Network of Science & Education Evaluation in China www.qn939.com
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